The OrderOne Networks mesh network routing protocol has been designed to overcome the scalability and mobility limitations of traditional MANET routing protocols. It is a software library that may be integrated into your application or used as a standalone executable. The Integration section has more details on this exceptionally straightforward process.

The OrderOne Networks routing protocol was designed in a 'clean room' without any reference to existing mesh network routing protocol techniques. The result is a routing protocol that takes a very different approach to the problem of converging and maintaining large, mobile mesh networks.

The core attributes of the OrderOne Networks mesh network routing protocol are:

  • Supports unpartitoned networks with 1,000+ nodes
  • Seamless mobility with no-break handoffs
  • Control bandwidth and CPU usage may be limited to any level
  • Integrated location and status tracking
  • Very fast detection of nodes entering and leaving the network
  • Unicast, multicast and broadcast routing
  • Extremely easy to integrate
  • Runs on embedded devices

For qualified companies and individuals we offer a cost-free evaluation license and the technical support to integrate it into any test environment. A quick first pass evaluation can usually be accomplished by one person in under a week.

A full license will typically include the complete 'C' source code and high quality technical support.